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Mother of 5 killed in 'pointless' interstate accident

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Five children, ages 2-14, lost their mother Five children, ages 2-14, lost their mother

Michelle Bennett hasn't seen her daughter, Jessica Jose, in four years, and now she's suddenly the full-time parent to all five of her children.

"Evidently, she was really struggling. From the looks of it, you can tell, it was just a struggle," says Bennett.

Those five children, between the ages of 2 and 14, are living in a house in desperate need of repairs, and now they've just found out their mother won't ever be coming home again.

The 2-year-old is too young to understand why.

"He cries for his mother all day and all night, and his mother's not here," says Bennett.

Jessica Jose's life ended on Tuesday when she crashed at full speed into the back of a tractor-trailer that was stopped in the lanes of traffic on I-85 near Newnan.

Police say the truck was stopped like that because another driver, Juan Marquez, pulled in front and slowed it down because he wanted to talk about a rock that got kicked from the road onto his windshield.

The truck ended up halfway onto the shoulder, but still partially blocking a lane of traffic.

Georgia State Patrol investigators say it was a completely pointless thing for Marquez to do because trucks are not liable for anything their tires kick up.

Marquez is now in jail for vehicular homicide, a mother is dead and the future of her five children is up in the air.

"They're going to stay together regardless. If it's my last breath, they'll be together," says Bennett.

Police say if there is anything to be learned from this incident, it's this: even if you think you have a good reason to stop another car on the highway, don't ever do it.

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