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CBS46, Peachtree TV, Univision raise $52K for Harvey relief

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A new partnership between CBS46 and Univision is helping to bring relief to Hurricane Harvey victims in the form of a telethon hosted at the CBS46 studios Friday. The combined effort will hopefully get more help for those in flood-ravaged Texas.

The telethon is aired on CBS46 and Univision throughout the day Friday, and both English and Spanish speakers were on hand to answer phones.

Click here if you'd like to donate to the American Red Cross. 

Both stations agree this partnership came at a crucial time.

"This is one of the most devastating hurricanes that's ever hit America," says Mark Pimentel, vice president and general manager of CBS46 and Peachtree TV. "The number of displaced people with flooded homes is staggering, and the Red Cross is clearly in the front lines of all hurricane relief, so the more cash we can put in their pockets so they can buy whatever is needed to help these people, we want to do it, and it's great to do it with our new partners in Univision."

"When nature happens, or sends this type of disaster, everyone needs to unify, regardless of if you have political differences, or your political views are different from one another," says Gianncarlo Cifuentes, regional news director for Univision. "Things like this tell us that we are bigger than that, and we can unite and help each other."

Our partnership didn't end Friday. The two stations will share content daily to bring current regional and national news to a diverse audience of Atlanta. 

All donations collected will go to the American Red Cross relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey.

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