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‘This too shall pass’: An emotional return home after the storm

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(MEREDITH) -- Willie Marie Burton lost almost everything inside her home to the flooding brought by Hurricane Harvey, but she’s still thankful. Thankful to be alive, and for a box of photographs that survived the flooding.

“I feel like crying but then I'm joyful because I could have been in the water. And it could have got us so I'm just grateful. I'm just getting back to see what's left.” -Willie Marie Burton, Harvey evacuee

Burton had been distraught over leaving her dog, Lassie, behind when she evacuated. Luckily, Lassie rode out the storm, and the two shared an emotional reunion.

After seeing how much damage the storm had caused in her home, overturning her refrigerator, flipping couches and ruining pretty much everything she owned, Burton still has faith that she’ll get through it.

"This too shall pass. It will. I know that it will. Today is my 66th birthday. What I'm going to do after we go through some of this is I just want to eat seafood. I love seafood. So if I can get some seafood, I'll be happy.” -Willie Marie Burton, Harvey evacuee