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Douglasville, Atlanta middle schoolers drown at West Point Lake

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West Point Lake's Earl Cook Beach (WGCL) West Point Lake's Earl Cook Beach (WGCL)
Carlton Woodall (left) Ajada McGuire (right) Carlton Woodall (left) Ajada McGuire (right)

Family members of two 12-year-olds who drowned at West Point Lake, Sunday are trying to raise money for their funerals.

The victims names are Ajada McGuire, of Douglasville, and Carlton Woodall, of Atlanta.

They died at West Point Lake's Earl Cook Beach, Sunday.

When CBS46 visited the beach, Monday, visitors said it was far emptier than usual for Labor Day.

"No one expects to take their last breath when they're trying to have fun," said Asia Manning.

Bystanders described how a father's loud crying echoed across the lake when he realized his child was not going to be found alive.

They say the two twelve-year-old cousins, a boy and a girl, were here for a family reunion.

As the pair waded into the water, one on top of the other's shoulders, they reached a point beyond the yellow rope where the lake bottom dropped off sharply.

When professional rescuers arrived, it took hours of diving to recover the bodies of the two young victims.

As Greg Carthon's family entered the park, rangers handed out life jackets for the kids and warned about Sunday's tragedy.

Ever since she got the news, Heather Fannin has been watching her little ones like a hawk.

"I feel real bad for the family, because if I had to run in the water and drag my child's body out, I probably wouldn't make it to the next day."

Some may let their guard down at a lakeside beach like this, because they're only expecting real trouble at the ocean. But this story is a sad reminder that under water currents can sneak up on you anywhere."

"If a kid gets a mouthful of water, and somebody's not watching, it takes a few seconds and they go under," said Robert Manning.

Family spokespeople of the victims published these two links for donating money to help bury the children:

Ajada McGuire

Carlton Woodall

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