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Political analyst: Rescinding DACA a "gambler's move"

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Daniel Franklin has been teaching political science at Georgia State University for 25 years. The associate professor calls the White House's decision to rescind President Obama's DACA program "a real gambler's move," but one that forces Congress's hand.

“I’m not so sure the president has made a mistake on this,” Franklin said.

For the past five years, immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally as children before 2007 were able to apply for DACA, which stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.To date, nearly 800,000 people have been protected from deportation under the program, which allowed them to continue their studies and apply for work permits.

President Trump's decision to dissolve the program over the next six months means it's now up to Congress to tackle immigration reform and create real laws rather than temporary executive orders. The danger, Franklin told CBS46, is that if Congress fails to act in the next six months, DACA recipients will suddenly have no legal status again, forcing them back into the shadows.

“They have to start thinking about what they’re going to do," he said.

Franklin said his only issue with President Trump's decision is the timing.

“The main problem now is Congress has so much on its plate in the next six months," referring to the time-sensitive issues of hurricane relief, the budget and the debt ceiling. "It’s not that they can’t do two things at once, but this is a problem that doesn’t have to be handled right now.”

Still, he said, lawmakers have stalled on immigration reform for long enough.

“They can’t protect themselves by punting on difficult issues," Franklin said, "and so in some sense, the President has really forced their hand."

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