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Homeless shelter residents in search of new homes

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It has been over a week since the controversial homeless shelter at Peachtree and Pine in Atlanta changed ownership and came under new management.

The shelter is set to close in November and the clock is still ticking now to find homes for the 250 people currently staying at the facility. 

When new management took over the shelter last week police began to clear out the people who gravitated outside.

"I think the residents in the area have definitely been waiting for this for a long time," said Nathan Kaplan, one of the owners of an apartment complex across the street. "To feel a little more comfortable walking around without being solicited."

Some of the homeless have migrated to nearby parks, but many are being relocated to better housing than the shelter could provide.

"We've been able to transition almost all of the women and children a little over a hundred women and children in a week and a half we should be finalizing that process this week and having them all move to safe and secure housing around the city thanks to an incredible host of providers that have been part of this effort," said Tony Johns with Crossroads Ministries.

Folks at the shelter admit there will  be many challenger for some of the endemic homeless, people with mental health or addiction issues. But they have teams of workers who go out to find them and try to get them into programs that can help.

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