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Family evacuates from Bahamas to Atlanta due to Irma

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Treshia Knipper welcomes friends and family evacuating to Atlanta from the Bahamas due to Hurricane Irma. 

"My friends [are] sending away her children. It's not only the threat of the storm, but after," she said.

Knipper lived in the Bahamas for 15 years. She braved several hurricanes, including Hurricane Mathew, however, she's afraid of what Irma could do to the island she once called home.

"When you hear cat 4, cat 5, that's catastrophic," she said. 

Eli Baptista came to Atlanta with his sister. They'll be staying with relatives, leaving their mother and father behind. 

"My mom, she was crying when we left, and I was like, 'Why don't you keep us?' But she just didn't want us to deal with another hurricane again," he said. 

At 10-years-old, he's already lived through several hurricanes. His memories of Hurricane Mathew still terrify him.

"It was really bad after that. This huge tree fell over and almost hit our house. It was just devastating," he said. 

The family is lucky to get a flight. Many airlines have already stopped operations in the Bahamas and almost every airline is sold out of flights from South Florida.

The Dharshi's live in Miami and got on one of the last flights to Atlanta. Like so many other Floridians, they survived Hurricane Andrew, however, they say they weren't taking any chances with Irma.

"It was scary because we thought we would ride it out, but it was just too intense and the warnings [said] you need to get out, and we said, 'OK, this is not child's play."'

The Miami airport will close for the weekend on Friday evening.

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