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Construction worker's friend speaks with CBS46 about fatal accident

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OSHA is now investigating the death of a construction worker who police said was crushed to death by a piece of equipment.

Now, 20-year-old Luis DeLeon’s coworker is speaking exclusively to CBS46 about what he believes went wrong. Witnesses said around 5 p.m. on Friday, a vat of cement fell from a crane crushing DeLeon.

His former coworker wanted to remain anonymous but has his own theories about what happened.

"Basically the shackle that they use to connect the bucket to the crane broke because they were using a nylon shackle, when in theory they should have been using a steel cable shackle. So the shackle gave way because of wear and tear."

An investigation into what went wrong is now underway. DeLeon’s friend told CBS46 that he was a hard worker who was always on time.

We've learned his mother had just come here from Mexico less than two weeks ago. His friend also told CBS46 that Deleon's father just recently passed away. We’re asking who, if anyone, is to blame for DeLeon's death.

"You can't point the finger at any one person. You can't. Because for something like that, it's steps that you take during a process like that of pouring concrete. So, to say this happened because one person didn't do this, or this happened because a person didn't do this, you can't point the finger at any one person."

CBS46 did receive a statement from Batson-Cook, the construction company where Deleon worked.

It reads in part, "We are incredibly saddened by the loss of our Batson-Cook employee at the Northside Hospital Midtown Medical Office…We have extended our deepest sympathies to the employee’s family and are offering our full support and resources to his family.”

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