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Brother’s Keeper

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Joyce Oscar

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If hurricanes have disrupted your life, there is a good chance the bulk of the help you are receiving is coming from Christians or members of the faith community.  An article in USA Today says donations of water, diapers, clothing will likely pass through the hands of the Seventh Day Adventists before it gets to storm victims in Texas and Florida.

Apparently, the Adventists are experts in collecting, logging, organizing and distributing relief supplies in co-operation with government disaster response agencies. It is a system that has been in place for decades.

The Methodists also have an expertise, case management.  Once the initial cleanup is finished, their crews of 20,000 trained volunteers come from around the country and help pull mud and debris out of houses. Their trained volunteers help families navigate the maze of FEMA assistance, state aid and private insurance so the storm victims can get back to their lives.

Its estimated 75% of the organizations helping FEMA channel disaster assistance are faith-based. Samaritan’s Purse, Rev. Franklin Graham’s evangelical aide group, has trucks and chainsaws ready to remove debris and clean up houses. Their group estimates it has responded to 20 disasters this year alone.

And it’s not only Christian congregations reaching out to give a helping hand. You will find other faith groups, Buddhist, Jewish and Islamic relief agencies at work in disaster zones.

If you are wondering which charities are the best in terms of reaching the victims of these disasters, you can go to  This website rates the charities and will help you determine where your money is best spent if you want to help. Charity Navigator is an independent, nonprofit and has rated over 8-thousand charities. It considers several factors including how much money goes straight to the victims and transparency. 

It is a remarkable relationship between government and the private sector and it shows the power of good people who come together to help their friends, neighbors and strangers who are facing the worst of times.

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