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Company refuses to answer questions about stolen $1.8 million they purposely left unguarded

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ATM at Citizen Trust Bank (Source: WGCL) ATM at Citizen Trust Bank (Source: WGCL)
Only photo of suspect (ATM camera) Only photo of suspect (ATM camera)

A smoky silhouette, seen through the fogged up lens of an ATM camera, is the only image police have of a man who got away with a lifetime's worth of earnings in one day.

The stolen van belongs to ATM Response Inc., a company in the business of filling ATMs with cash.  CBS46 has learned the owner of the company has insurance for the full amount of the loss.

Citizens Trust Bank confirmed, Friday, their branch has been vacant for years, and the outside ATM is only functional part of the building. 

The bank spokesperson was not sure how the cash supply company was able to get into the building to fill the ATM. 

The crime occurred early in the morning of September 8, when investigators say the drivers of the van went inside the former bank on South Hairston Road in DeKalb County for about 15 minutes. When they returned, all that was left of their van was glass on the ground from the driver's side door.

It turns out the drivers left the keys in the ignition and the engine running. That sounds like an oversight, but the company told investigators it's a regular part of procedure.

CBS46 reached someone in charge of ATM Response Inc., to ask why they would make it policy to leave huge sums of money unguarded. They replied to each one of our questions with "no comment."

Other people we consulted in similar cash supply/armored car businesses said they've never heard of such a policy in their lives. 

Usually, at least one person always stays with the money and never lets it out of their sight.

A couple of hours after the theft, police tracked down the van to an overgrown bend on Galleon Crossing, about a mile away. Police questioned everyone coming in and out of the neighborhood, but they have no leads yet.

It just so happens, all of the big security cameras at the bank were facing in the opposite direction of where the van was parked.

The ATM at the bank only gives out twenty dollar bills, so assuming that's what the money was made up of, the total weight of that many bills would be about 200 lbs.

It would fill several duffel bag-sized containers, and it would be very difficult to travel with that amount on foot.

The money and the person who stole it are still missing.

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