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Blind dog, seeing eye cat need home

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It's a lesson in friendship taught by the most unlikely pair.

"When she moves away, he goes and he looks for her, or if we need to do something to take her out, he'll start barking for her," says a staff member at VCA Pets are People Too Veterinary Animal Hospital.

Kim the cat and Edward the Yorkie are more than just companions. They're each others' lifeline.

"There was a very special bond between these two," says Krysta Cannon with Angels Among Us Pet Rescue.

Edward is blind. Kim is partially blind, but selflessly guides Edward everywhere he goes.

"These two are an older pair, and they've been together for a long time," veterinarian Dr. Christina Washington said.

After living with neglectful owners for years, Mother Nature almost tore the two apart. Kim and Edward were brought to a shelter in north Georgia after Tropical Storm Irma hit the area.

"They tried to separate them, and they put the dog in a cage by himself. They said he was just beside himself, unable to settle down, just upset. So they put his little kitty friend back in with him and they both just snuggled up and went to sleep," Cannon said.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue brought the duo to Chamblee where, together, they're being nursed back to health.

The vet believes Edward and Kim are 14-years-old and don't have much time left to live.

"You can see they both just want to be touched and loved on. They've missed out on a lot of affection in their life so it's time for them to get that for however many days they have left," Cannon said.

Friends til the end, no matter what storm comes their way.

Both pets are only available for adoption together through Angels Among Us Pet Rescue.

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