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Will Georgia's culture impact Amazon's potential move to Atlanta?

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Georgia and Atlanta economic developers are scrambling to win the Amazon prize, a new corporate headquarters worth billions of dollars in jobs and investment.

Amazon’s bid says right up front it wants a cultural fit. Amazon fans in Atlanta wonder if Georgia’s conservative cultural climate will hurt the state’s chances.

Amazon's asking for lots of straightforward answers:

Where will it be? A sit called The Gulch near Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

How much will it cost? The state is preparing a package of incentives.

But Amazon says culture is also important and that's a much trickier question. 

When asked if Amazon would fit in Atlanta, Fayetteville resident Ashley Powell says, "I think it would. In Georgia? That’s a good question. I think Atlanta can handle it. I don’t know if Georgia could.”

What if the cultural environment in Georgia continues to include overwhelming support for religious liberty bills, which strengthen protections for opponents of gay marriage?

"I will say there are certain issues dealt with in a very delicate fashion, or else there will be repercussions we never anticipate," says Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal. 

Leading candidates for governor are already pledging to renew support for religious liberty bills in January. 

"We've accommodated growth, and also rights and liberties of our citizens in the process," says Gov. Deal. 

A human resources manager is not so sure. 

"I think it's too conservative. That’s my position. It is what it is," says Jamelle Lowe, who works in HR. 

Christen Granville is more optimistic.

When asked if Amazon would work in Atlanta, Granville said, "Yes," and regarding Georgia's culture, Granville said, "I think we're moving in that direction." 

Putting together the winning bid for Amazon may require lots more than a good location.

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