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Waiting months for a garage door

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Waiting on a delivery and installation job can be trying for anyone, but a Jonesboro homeowner wondered if he would get a new garage door in his lifetime.

Tommy Stuart put up with two months of cancellations.

He had had it with this old garage door which was circa 19 something. It was worn out. So when he looked across the driveway and saw that his neighbor was getting a new garage door, he had to have it.

It was top of the line and the door was installed by a company out of Buford called Ameriserve.

Tommy ordered his garage door and he put down $800.

Just like the garage door, the deal fell apart.  On delivery day, Ameriserve was a no show. Tommy says when he called, they told him the new door had been damaged and needed to be reordered.

With the old garage door barely hanging on, Tommy waited. He says Ameriserve rescheduled five times over two months.

"I asked the guy if they were going to get it done in my lifetime and he started laughing and i was like I didn't really mean that to be funny that was literal," said Tommy.

This isn't our first story about Ameriserv. Last spring, the Better Business Bureau gave the garage door installer an F for failing to respond to customer complaints. A company spokesman promised to do better. The company worked its way up to a B minus but that didn't help Tommy. 

"I asked for my money back and he said there would be a 50 percent restocking fee and I said restocking? You don't have it. You've been trying to get one for 8 weeks."

That's when Harry stepped in and made the call to the company.

A company spokesman apologized for the delays and three days later, Tommy got his door.   

He loves the new door, and for the inconvenience Ameriserve's owner gave him a 20 percent discount.  

Thumbs up to Ameriserve for making its customer happy.  If you put down a deposit on anything, pay with a credit card. Get a work order with an installation date and the terms for cancellation.

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