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Mom says son was called slave at school during 'Civil War Day'

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A Cobb County school board member is responding strongly after a mother says her African American son was called a slave during "Civil War Day."

The mom tells CBS46 that she spoke with a board member following the story that aired in reference to a fifth grader, her son, being called a slave. She says that he believes things do need to change as far as the practice and the lesson plan, but she's not going to stop fighting until she actually sees change.

Emotions pour out after Corrie Davis' son was called a slave at Big Shanty Elementary School when students were allowed to dress up for "Civil War Day."

"It's heartbreaking to know that my son was called a slave," says Davis.

Since we first told you about this story, and she posted her frustrations on social media, Davis tells CBS46 that Cobb County school board member David Morgan reached out to her.

She says Morgan has called a special meeting to discuss the incident with the superintendent on Wednesday and firmly believes the school needs to change its practice.

All of this after her son told her how another student, a white child, was dressed as a plantation owner.

When Davis' son asked why he would dress that way, the friend said, "You're my slave."

Davis says she hasn't had any issues with the school, and believes it's important to educate students about the Civil War, but says the school needs to stop this particular practice she calls divisive.

CBS46 reached out to Morgan and he says he will speak on-camera Tuesday.

Since the incident, Davis has been receiving a lot of community support on social media, and now she wants action from the school to change the lesson plan and won't stop until it happens.

'One thing he will see is his mom out here telling people how wrong this is," says Davis. "He'll see that I'm not sitting in the background."

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