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New body scanner speeds up security checks

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People know what to expect when they are going to a big game or concert at major stadiums, and part of those expectations is long lines for security checks. 

"Incredible you can't even get through the gate without being checked and all that now a days," said Anthony Lapczynski.

But you don't see the same scanning systems for public transit trains.

EVOLV Technology Director Steve Burger says the company's new body scanner can scan 600 people per hour.

"We are not looking for little box cutters and razor blades," he said.

But EVOLV Technology is trying to provide a way to scan for mass casualty threats.

"You are going to get a red box for likely explosive threat or a blue box for a likely firearm threat located on the person's body," said Burger.

"Some events you go to it just holds you up getting into the event that if you could get as many people through as they say that's fantastic," said Lapczynski.

Transit authority MARTA is always looking for new technologies, but they also have to consider costs.

"What I will say about that is it is significantly less than the airport system," said Burger.

Those airport body scanners can average about $150,000 or more.

Another advantage to the EVOLV system is that it is portable.

"It's got wheels on the bottom so you can move it around from location to location in a mass transit environment for randomized pop up security," said Burger.

But for some people cost is not a concern when it comes to security.

"You hear what's happening in Europe all the time and the security they have," said Lapcyzski. "Something like that you could pick it up before they even get in the station anything that's great like that."

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