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UPS reeling after trade secrets leaked

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File photo of UPS (Source: AP) File photo of UPS (Source: AP)

Atlanta-based UPS is accusing a pilot of wrongfully obtaining what they call highly confidential strategic plans about their aircraft fleet, and splashing the documents on internet message boards visited by other pilots.

The leaker's motive unknown.

But sources who have seen the documents, which have since been taken down, tell CBS46 Investigates the materials are a threat to the company's competitive advantage, and it was meant to be seen only by the shipper's top executive team.   

Meanwhile, UPS has gone to federal court, getting a judge to grant them subpoena powers to trace the digital trail.

They aren't just tracking down the leaker, but all those employees and others who viewed the sensitive material.

UPS told us in a statement that they have not yet made any ID's and continue to investigate.

The Scandal Widens

Employees are calling this a witch hunt, but the company says they are just protecting their most valued secrets.

This past week, UPS asked a judge for more subpoena powers to go after more employees suspected of taking part in what CBS 46 has learned is a wide ranging trade secrets leak.

UPS has accused a pilot of stealing “highly confidential” plans about their aircraft fleet.

Plans intended only for senior executives.

Now we’ve learned from sources, that document was forwarded to an unknown number of employees before it was publicly posted on the Internet and discovered by the company.

That means UPS is going after not only the leaker but now all those who touched the hot potato and clicked send.

“I’ve seen it with small companies of two and three employees breach,” said attorney Josh Belinfante.

Trade secret attorneys say the leaker and even those who passed on the document may face serious legal trouble.

The new subpoenas say sources are targeting Internet providers used by the employees.

Once the leakers are identified, attorneys say their intent will then be probed and the damage to the company assessed.

That would determine the level of punishment.

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