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Producer-actress on Hollywood culture amid Weinstein allegations

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The allegations surrounding Harvey Weinstein shows just how exploitative the Hollywood casting couch can be. But I spoke to a producer-actress who says this culture is changing as a result of women brave enough to take down men who abuse their power.

Weinstein's epic fall from Hollywood is one thing, but the fact that it happened after decades of whispers and private settlements detailing horrific allegations continues to intrigue so many outside the industry.

They're asking what took so long?

"I'm not surprised about it at all," says producer-actress Melissa Eno Effa. She's the creator of the comedy series Hard Medicine, a show about black women doctors portrayed in authentic fashion.

We sat down to talk about the overall culture in Hollywood as the Weinstein sex abuse scandal continues to unfold.

When asked if she had experienced any of this, or people close to her, Effa said, "I've had a friend tell me that she was on set, and it was just like a student film, so it wasn't like a big film at all...Someone on set, they didn't have a high-level position either, but they were being sexually aggressive towards her, like forcibly kissing her...saying things like, I can help you, I can get you more roles."

The casting couch, of course, is an open secret in the business with powerful men in powerful positions abusing that power to mistreat women. But Effa says what's different this time is that dozens of powerful women are speaking out.

"I think we're going to see a different tide to that, not just see white men in power," says Effa. "I feel like women are going to look out for each other, and people won't feel like they have to lose themselves to get to the top."

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