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Executive order on healthcare threatens coverage for families and the sick

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President Donald Trump is changing healthcare by executive order, giving small businesses the ability to shop for insurance across state lines.

Some say this will increase competition and drive down costs.

But other claim this will push people toward “junk” insurance plans which, is what consumers purchased before the Affordable Care Act became law.

Some people believe the executive order will provide healthy people with more choices meanwhile the sick may have fewer choices.

“I’m a breast cancer survivor and I have to go to all of my routine follow-ups and its expensive,” said Janel Green.

Green is employed by a small business and is already overwhelmed by her families’ healthcare cost.

“It’s an incredibly stressful time especially because we are waiting for that open enrollment period,” she said. “We have no idea what the future holds for us, we have no idea what that executive order means for the marketplace.”

The president promises the executive order on healthcare increases choice and access to low cost options for health insurance consumers.

But Georgians for a Healthy Future says this decision is going to really affect the middle class.

“This decision isn’t really helpful for anyone, really it’s going to drive premium ups. It’s going to cost the federal government more, insurers may leave the marketplace and consumers are going to be left without choices.”

Right now, Green is insured by Blue Cross, but they announced they are pulling out of her county.

“So the only provider that will be left in the marketplace that we are aware of isn’t accepted by our doctor,” she said.

The executive order could put people in rural communities in Georgia without options.

“We could also see health insurance companies exiting the marketplace which would reduce choice for people or leave them without an insurer all together.”

Green is afraid what this could mean for her family.

“It means a lot of stress, a lot of anxiety for me and my family. They talk about how this is supposed to be more freedom but that perceived freedom comes at a really steep price and our lives are way too high a price to pay.”

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