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Joyce Oscar

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Joyce Oscar Joyce Oscar

So, an audio tape emerges of Donald Trump making a sexist, nasty comment and he is chastised, reviled and deemed a sexual predator. Trump, labeled a misogynist by democrats, liberals and all of Hollywood. Trump’s crude words launching a huge women’s march on Washington D.C. and everyone donning pink private parts caps and costumes. Actress Ashley Judd delivering an Anti-Trump, “nasty woman” speech and comparing him to Hitler.  

Yet no one in these groups seems to have been able to pull together a women’s march about the decades long abuses of dozens of ladies by huge democrat donor and film executive, Harvey Weinstein. The allegations finally coming out a few days ago releasing an avalanche of tawdry behavior by this predator. Even Judd who claims to stand up for women rights now finds her voice and says she too was sexually harassed by Weinstein. Really? No mention of that in your “nasty woman” speech about Trump, why not?

And what about feminist icon and Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton. It turns out Weinstein was very supportive of her and many other democrats over the years. All of course say they had no idea the film executive was sexually assaulting women over thirty years. Really? According the Center for Responsive Politics Weinstein donated over 21-thousand dollars directly to Clinton over nearly two decades, over 33-thousand more dollars to the Hillary Clinton Victory Fund and 15-thousand to HillPac, a political action committee. Then there is the one million dollars Weinstein donated to Democrat candidates and Democrat Party organizations.

You would think they would have heard the reports of Weinstein’s abuses over all those years. It’s not like no one filed legal action or got settlements because it happened many times over. Why didn’t they reject Weinstein’s checks? Better yet, why not speak up about the abuses and help the alleged victims bring this to light? I guess these people would have us believe they had no idea of this scoundrel in their midst.

Give me a break.

I’m Joyce Oscar




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