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Gwinnett Co. employee in hot water over use of racial slur

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County Services Manager John Register County Services Manager John Register

A county manager is off the job and on suspension following accusations of using a racial slur when referring to another colleague.

One by one, people sounded off outside the Gwinnett County Justice Center after learning that County Services Manager John Register is accused of referencing a black colleague in a derogatory manner at an Oct. 6 county event.

The awards meeting was attended by hundreds of employees.

“I guess people just need to watch what they say to other people,” said Kacy Holbrook. “You should have a filter.”

His suspension letter reads: “It was heard by the staff during your time with the microphone that you referred to Jim Cyrus, Aquatics Manager, as 'still the HNIC.’ These letters HNIC reference a derogatory racial slur that was clearly heard by many staff present.”

Gwinnett resident Dumitru Maracine said “I think there should be a limitation as to what kind of jokes you can spread around, especially because this is such a sensitive issue.”

The county’s suspension letter went on to say, “your behavior reflected unfavorably, not only on this department, but on the county as an employer.”

“Due to the fact that he’s getting punished I would feel like that’s enough to me," said Nikki Lowry. " Really, it’s not like he killed somebody or he did any greater crime.”

CBS46 dropped by a home believed to be that of John Register to get his side of the story, but no one was there.

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