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Deadly gun accessory has people at odds with candidate running for governor

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In the wake of the country’s worst mass shooting in Las Vegas, where nearly 60 people died and more than 500 were injured, state Senator Michael Williams has decided to host a rifle bump stock giveaway.

The republican candidate for Georgia Governor fired an AR-15 assault weapon at a gun range moments before speaking to CBS46.

Attaching a bump stock to the weapon would allow it to fire off shots in rapid succession like an automatic weapon.

“I thought, let’s go ahead and give one away,” he said.

He said it was not necessarily the Las Vegas massacre that inspired the giveaway.

 “It was more the liberal left’s agenda to take away our Second Amendment rights, and they’re politicizing that horrific tragedy to do that.”

Some people may see his giveaway as a publicity stunt, but William’s denies that notion.

“I say we are out there fighting for our Second Amendment for our constitution. This is no way, shape, form or fashion a publicity stunt.”

One of the co-owners of Stoddard’s Range and Guns said his shop doesn’t sell bump stocks.

Williams himself said they are “uncontrollably dangerous.”

“It’s hard to control these things. They did not add to loss of life in the massacre,” he said.

Still one question lingers, if they’re uncontrollably dangerous, why would Williams have a giveaway?

“Well, again, we live in a free country where people war held accountable for their own actions,” said Williams.

Someone wrote on Facebook, “perhaps you are too stupid to realize how insensitive this is to the families of the dead and injured.”

In response to the post, Williams said “what I think is insensitive is some of these people actually going out and sending messages to my wife, threatening to kill our family with a bump stock. That’s what I think is insensitive.”

More than 3,000 people have signed up for the giveaway.

The contest closes Oct. 24.

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