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Petland responds to recent story regarding sick puppy

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Petland has issued a response in regard to a recent story involving a woman who claims the Petland in Kennesaw should pay her medical bills after she became sick due to a puppy she bought at the store.

Petland, Inc. Director of Public Affairs Elizabeth Kunzelman released the following statement:

"Healthy, happy pets are Petland's number one priority. Puppies, like babies, have an immune system and can sometimes get sick. Petland has extensive warranty to help protect customers and their pets. Surprisingly, the customer did not contact the store, customer service or our corporate office to relay her concerns, and we only learned of her experience through the

The Petland warranty provides coverage for viral and bacterial issues as well as congenital and hereditary conditions. When we began working with the CDC we posted a helpline on our website and through multiple news outlets for customers with concerns to contact for assistance. That helpline will remain open throughout the investigation. 

Unfortunately, there has been quite a bit of misinformation about Campylobacter. The CDC has said that "regardless of source," any dog or puppy can have Campylobacter. As for human cases, it is the most common form of diarrhea illnesses, but primarily is contracted from handling or consumption of raw chicken. Additionally, just because a puppy tests positive for Campylobacter, this does not indicate the puppy is sick, it simply carries the bacteria. It may never become ill or show any symptoms.

Campylobacter is transferred from puppies to humans through fecal to oral contact. This is why Petland has redoubled its efforts at educating consumers about the importance of proper hand-washing after playing with pets or handling their waste or food, and not allowing pets to lick your mouth or open wounds. We certainly understand the customer's concern with her illness and urge her to contact us with the details so we can work towards a resolution."

Elizabeth Kunzelman
Director of Public Affairs
Petland, Inc.