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Board of Health: Georgia Tech dining hall passes inspection, source of student sickness still unknown

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From the grill, to the salad bar, to the main kitchen, Georgia Tech’s dining hall passed its inspection with flying colors.

Georgia Tech student Rachel Mohr said “it’s probably just a virus going around.”

But she is glad to hear the university’s on-campus dining hall scored an “A.”

Of course the source of that dreaded sickness that hit Georgia Tech with a vengeance, is still a mystery, you know, the one that comes on fast and that can make you miserable for several hours.

“I had some stomach ache and some diarrhea,” said Isabel Steffens. “I didn’t have any vomiting or stuff like that.”

Steffens was one of the 105 unlucky students who reported getting some sort of stomach or intestinal illness.

Alerts went out and it was enough to set Mohr’s phobia in motion.

“So I was terrified because I’m a germophobe. So I’ve been washing my hands, not touching anything and praying not to get sick.”

According to the report, inspectors checked Georgia Tech’s dining hall for contamination, unsafe cleaning practices and proper temperature settings.

No violations were found, but we did notice the most recent inspection was conducted not a semester or even a year ago, but nearly two years ago.

“I don’t know how often that kind of thing is supposed to be done.”

CBS 46 contacted the Fulton County Board of Health and Georgia Tech how often inspections are conducted.

As it turns out, the North Ave dining hall falls under "Category 2" of the inspection schedule, meaning it should be inspected every 6-12 months.

The Board of Health said the reason it hadn't happened in almost two years is because it was closed for one year.

“I just like the food at the West Village, and it’s convenient. I don’t know. I guess I feel like I’m untouchable,” said Paige Greenfield.

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