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Gambling web sites bet on Atlanta to be Amazon's top pick for HQ

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Paddy Power Payout Odds Paddy Power Payout Odds

The bookmakers who create the odds for sports games just came out with a list of the top cities they think Amazon will pick to be its next corporate headquarters, and Atlanta has the best odds.

The latest numbers are coming from Dublin-based Paddy Power, and they have Atlanta in the top spot with 2 to 1 odds. In close second is Austin, Texas at 3 to 1.

These are the first predictions to come out since Moody's Analytics rankings, which put Austin ahead of Atlanta, but only by a hair.

The Moody's rating says Austin has a better business environment, better quality of life and better transportation, but Atlanta wins in categories like population, geography and cost of living.

Georgia State University professor Bruce Seaman is taking the numbers with a grain of salt.

"I've seen some criticism from sources who say they don't even have Chicago and Denver in there, so they can't be right."

No matter how they arrived at their numbers, Seaman thinks the analysts are right to have Atlanta high up on their lists.

"Moody's, Fortune, anybody who looks at this competition is going to put Atlanta at one or two, no lower than three."

Paddy Power Top 10:  Atlanta 2 to 1, Austin 3 to 1, Boston 6 to 1, Toronto 7 to 1, Pittsburgh 14 to 1, Dallas 16 to 1, Washington D.C. 16 to 1, San Jose 18 to 1, Los Angeles 20 to 1, Philadelphia 20 to 1.

Moody's Analytics Top 10: Austin #1, Atlanta #2, Philadelphia #3, Rochester #4, Pittsburgh #5, New York City #6, Miami #7, Portland, OR #8, Boston #9, Salt Lake City #10.

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