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Audio recording sheds light on booster club bonuses paid to high school coaches

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An audio recording sheds more light into booster club bonuses for coaches on a popular high school football team. CBS46 is learning that coaches at Atlanta's Westlake High School have been receiving them for years, but many parents had no idea.

Booster Club President Emmanuel Avraham says fellow board members violated the by-laws when they withdrew more than $16,000 out of the club's account in October to pay coaches on the football team.

Willie Davis is president of the Parent-Teacher-Student Association at the high school and was stunned by the allegations of coaches getting booster club bonuses.

"I did not know until this story broke," says Davis. "I get the impression that was something that they've been doing."

However, Davis argues that the measure was approved by the booster board and he provided the audio to prove it. In audio of the meeting, you could hear board members saying, "My answer is yes on the $16,000 because that is what the coach presented to us. I second, I third."

Three of the six members on the board clearly voted in favor of paying the coaches at the last meeting. The vice president was absent, which is why Davis believes there was a majority.

"But you've got to have four votes, and if you don't have four votes, and on top of that our by-laws call for 51 percent of the board has to be in favor," says Avraham.

The booster club meeting was out of control at times and Davis believes he knows why.

"Emmanuel was okay the whole school year [and] during the summer about the budget, about what they would do for coaches, about what those stipends would be until his son was not playing on the football team," says Davis.

CBS46 reached out to the Fulton County School District about the bonuses and they informed us there is a policy in place which allows for coaches to receive supplemental pay, even from their own booster clubs because they are 501C3 non-profits and independent entities.

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