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Better Call Harry: Couple to mortgage company, 'Give us our $18,000'

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When an insurance company issues payment on a claim, the check should be yours to cash. Unless there’s a co-signer. 

For the better part of 2017, a Tucker couple has been fighting with their mortgage company to hand over an $18,000 insurance check. At wit’s end, they decided they’d Better Call Harry.

Barbara Van Helsingden and Lynn Tippets are a couple in crisis. You would be too if someone had your $18,000.

Van Helsingden has nothing good to say about the couple’s mortgage company, Rushmore Loan.

Last March the couple’s Lawrenceville home flooded. It started in the upstairs bathroom when the toilet cracked.

All the water upstairs pooled into the ceiling above the office below. The upstairs and a good portion of the downstairs had to be gutted. Van Helsingden, having a background in construction, acted as her own general contractor. She was able to completely renovate two new bathrooms, new flooring, new sheetrock and paint.

It looks great, the insurance company inspected the work and approve it. But when it issued the reimbursement checks, it added the mortgage company as a cosigner.

Rushmore Loans has the checks and will not release them, some $18,000 and then some.

Van Helsingden said every time she calls for an update, Rushmore wants more information. The couple has done enough. Oddly enough, while we were there, Rushmore called with an offer to refinance.

Instead of throwing the phone, I told Van Helsingden to request a transfer to the department holding her checks. She got through and got one huge surprise: her check was finally authorized for release.

 Rushmore was going to overnight their check, $18,925 back where it belongs.

Rushmore said that it can’t discuss customer issues, so we’ll never know why it kept the checks for so long. Barbara and Lynn got their money back.

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