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GA elections servers wipe just latest blow to elections system

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There are new startling developments on Georgia’s election system.

CBS 46 learned that the server storing personal information and other sensitive data was wiped clean. The contents of Georgia’s main election server is gone, and the backup server was also wiped clean.

The wipes were revealed in internal emails from the Center for Elections Systems at Kennesaw State University.

To Logan Lamb, it’s just the latest blow to Georgia’s election system.

“From what we know publicly today, I don’t feel comfortable saying we should run any election with this equipment,” Lamb, a cybersecurity researcher, said.

It’s strong words from Lamb, who first sounded the alarm to Georgia’s elections authorities in August of last year, and again this past February. He was able to hack into the state’s voting system, accessing voters’ personal data and passwords used in Georgia’s election system.

Now, an open records request reveals key info may be lost forever.

“The information that was at Kennesaw State has been deliberately erased from the servers, the original server, and the back-up server,” said Georgia Tech Professor Richard DeMillo.

And here’s the kind of missing information that might have been answered in those servers, according to DeMillo.

“We don’t know who accessed the server,” he said. “We don’t know how many people accessed it. We don’t know what they looked at. We don’t know where they came from, so if there were Russian IP addresses, that info is gone.”

KSU did not respond to our request for comment, and neither did the Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp. But all along, Kemp has firmly called any claims of Russian hacking or otherwise fiction. He insists the election system is secure.

“It’s something I don’t understand,” DeMillo said. “It’s not my experience that people, that people who have the evidence to show you that they’re innocent don’t show you the evidence.”

The time of the servers being degaussed, or scrubbed, is puzzling to DeMillo and Lamb. It happened just days after a lawsuit was filed claiming Georgia’s election system was not secure.

“And so you have to ask yourself, why did that, why did that happen?” DeMillo said.

And here’s another surprising aspect in the internal emails: An I.T. employee wrote, “I’m happy to report that the remaining servers and the hard drivers were degaussed three times.”

A supervisor at KSU’s Center for Elections Systems said, “This is fantastic news. Great work to all parties.”

“Whenever I first accessed the server, it looked bad,” Lamb said. “And it turns out that, as more information becomes available, the situation seems to just keep getting worse.”

Sec. of State Brian Kemp posted this message on Facebook on Thursday:

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