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DeKalb Co. Commissioner violated sexual harassment policy, ordered to attend training

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A sexual harassment investigation into a DeKalb County Commissioner Gregory Adams finds that the elected official violated the county’s sexual harassment policy and needs to undergo training.

CBS46 obtained a copy of the county’s internal investigative report which details the sexual harassment allegations and states that Commissioner Adams blames some of his actions on medication that he takes.

“This my priority, to bring about a resolve, a resolution, a restoring, a rebuilding, a uniting of DeKalb County,” said Adams.

Ashlee Wright claims she was sexually harassed on multiple occasions by her former boss.

So, DeKalb County looked into the allegations.

“It’s certainly not okay and that’s what the findings found,” said Attorney Manny Arora.

The Atlanta-based attorney reviewed the case and determined the commissioner's actions were inappropriate, but not egregious.

Adams maintains that he had taken a prescribed sleep aid which he believes may have caused him to do or say things he normally would not.

“I don’t know the effects of Ambien. I know people sleep walk and do things of that nature, but I don’t know if you’re actually competent enough to send a text message and pick a specific person to send it to. It seems a little suspicious, almost a little crazy,” said Arora.

The investigative report states several text messages from  Adams asked to see Wright in a bikini.

There was also a text sent at 3 a.m. in which Adams invites himself to Wright’s hotel room while at a conference in Savannah.

In a voice recording he is heard stating that Wright is “sexy, beautiful and intelligent.”

“There just doesn’t seem to be anything to show that this is some type of pervasive, sexual abuser. Clearly his language wasn’t done intelligently and he needs to be disciplined for that which is what is being recommended," said Adams.

CBS46 contacted Adams on Oct. 27 for comment but he has not provided an official statement.

“The point was in some of those text messages, the responses back were I know you were just joking. No harm, no foul and things of that nature.”

Wright’s attorney, Robert James, said they filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and one they complete their review they intend to file a federal lawsuit.

As a result of the pending case they are not commenting.

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