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Search for missing TN family leads to GA


The story begins in the suburbs of Nashville Tennessee.

Alicia Waters, a 39 year old disabled woman with cerebral palsy, was awarded a million bucks due to a medical mistake.

The Tennessee court system decided, while her parents could house her, that million dollars needed to be overseen by a court appointed conservatorship.

It would dole out nearly 10K a month for her care.

But, the court ruled, her parents couldn't take her away without notifying the court.

But they did.

"I guess that's the million dollar question. Who hides from a million dollars? I don't know," says John Bratcher, of the Rutherford County TN Chancery Court.

Two years ago, Alicia and her parents vanished, leaving the money behind. And urgent questions about who is caring for her and how.

Tennessee officials say Alicia's parents became increasingly combative and uncooperative before disappearing.

Court officials are so concerned about Alicia they're offering a $5,000 reward for help locating her.

"It's very frustrating. But more importantly it gives me a lot of concern about Alicia's well-being. We can't think of a rational reason why the family would have ignored all these resources that can be used to care for Alicia," says conservator David LaRoche.

They've had police and even private investigators trying to find her coast to coast. Most recently, at a stately Atlanta area home in Duluth.

During surveillance no one was spotted.

But the CBS46 BullDog joined the hunt, heading to the home. We knocked. No one answered.

We went to neighbors and showed them family photos of the wanted.

One neighbor said he hadn't seen Alicia in years.

But as we were interviewing the neighbor, the door at the Waters last known address suddenly opened.

It was Charles Waters.

He admitted to being Alicia's father, but gave conflicting answers as to where his wife and daughter were.

As for why a conservatorship was appointed in the first place, we are told by that body, there were allegations of misuse of the money, including a report of the parents spending some of it on a swimming pool.

Also, a refusal to allow caretakers access to Alicia.