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How to prevent post-Halloween belly aches

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Friends Tyler Andrews, 9, and Coco Fleming, 8, of DeKalb County can’t wait for Halloween night. They’re excited about the costumes, the excitement, and of course, the candy.

The one bad thing about Halloween?

"Eating too much candy,” said Coco.

"Eating too much candy and having a stomach ache,” added Tyler.

“Too much sugar is not a good thing for any of us,” said Wendy Palmer, a registered dietitian who manages child wellness at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Strong4Life.

Palmer said the average bucket of candy has a whopping 365 teaspoons of sugar and a fat content equivalent to four sticks of butter. Find more scary candy facts here.

"It's too much for their little bodies to handle,” Palmer said.

That's why she recommends parents consider introducing the Switch Witch to their kids at a young age. The kids keep just a few of their favorite pieces of candy.

"The Switch Witch comes and visits your house Halloween night and takes some candy in place of a toy or a prize," she said, “and bonus points if that toy promotes physical activity. So a soccer ball, a football, a jump rope -- those types of toys are great."

She suggests families consider handing out alternative treats such as temporary tattoos, glow sticks, and stickers.

Palmer said the idea is to make Halloween more about the fun and less about the candy.

“And they've got to see us model that, too, right? They can't see mom and dad sneaking in the bucket while they're up for bed," Palmer said.

Palmer suggests that families eat a full meal before Trick-or-Treating. Click here for more ideas.

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