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A Kennesaw student's DACA status hangs in the balance for the third time

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Jessica Colotl came into the national spotlight seven years ago after being pulled over for a traffic charge at Kennesaw State University.

Now she could lose protection from deportation for a third time this year.

Immigration authorities re-evaluated Colotl’s protection under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program and decided not to renew it.

“They’re just going to out of their way to make sure that I am revoked of DACA status,” she says.

It’s a political tug of war and Colotl is caught right in the middle.

“Last Wednesday I received the denial letter via email which basically stated that my DACA renewal was denied.”

Then 24 hours later her future in the United States was changed again.

“Once again via email an order from the federal judge saying although UCIS denied the application Jessica remains on DACA status until further notice.”

In documents filed in court, Homeland Security Officials said they are actively pursuing a deportation case against Colotl.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency handling DACA, says its decision is non-reviewable.

The government previously revoked Colotl’s DACA status in May, then reinstated it in June.

“I’ll never get used to going through this emotional phases but at the same time I try to stay realistic about what can be the outcome it just shows how much we need the Dream Act passed.”

The DACA Program was created by the Obama Administration in 2012.

It offers protection from deportation for people brought to the United States illegally before the age of 16, but the program is being phased out by the Trump Administration.

Colotl applied for renewal of her status before the cut off date of Oct. 5.

“I’ve been granted deferred action three times and DACA status twice so this time around is basically all of sudden I get a different decision and it doesn’t really make sense because all the facts have remained the same.”

Colotl was brought to the states at the age of 11.

Her attorneys are challenging the decision to revoke her DACA status.

“We know that justice prevails at the end of the day and I want to hold on to that to make sure that every dreamer out there feels comfortable and feels some time of peace even during these turbulent times.”

She has another immigration hearing on Nov. 9.

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