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Metro Atlanta eviction rates are highest in the nation

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Renters in Atlanta are more likely to be kicked out than anywhere else in the nation.

People say the problem has to do with Georgia Tenant Laws and lack of affordable housing.

The site Apartmentlist, asked its users if they’ve ever been evicted, then ranked each region-- metro Atlanta sits at number three.

The study found 5.7 percent of Atlanta renters faced eviction, but numbers from a study done by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta in 2015 are even more startling.

Another study found 1 in 5 renters in Fulton County experienced eviction.

Tenant and Landlord Attorney Matthew Carlton says “if there’s a depositary against you on your record, it’s hard for you to rent another apartment.”

Tenants have few rights when it comes to Georgia Law, allowing landlords to raise rent prices however they see fit and forcing tenants to pay rent no matter how bad their living conditions.

“What happens is they call, they’ve stopped paying rent because the place is in horrific conditions. There’s mice, rats, mold all kinds of things that they don’t feel like they have to pay rent, but the problem is the law says they still have to pay rent,” says Attorney Kimberly Charles.

The study found black households face a higher eviction rate no matter their education level.

Charles says at least 80 percent of her clients are black, some who have fallen upon hard times while others grew up in poverty.

“We’re still overcoming segregation from the past,” she says.

It’s recommended that we only use 30 percent of income to pay rent.

Charles says many people she represents spend as high as 75 percent of their income for housing.

Charles also says it’s up to the government to pass more affordable housing laws and help end metro Atlanta’s eviction crisis.

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