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Unsolved mystery: What happened to Gwinnett County teen 10 years ago?

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It is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in metro Atlanta. What happened to an 18-year-old college student after he left a popular night club? Thursday marks exactly 10 years since his disappearance.

Justin Gaines was last seen in Duluth in Gwinnett County at what used to be Wild Bill’s nightclub and is now the Atlanta Coliseum.

“We never imagined 10 years ago we would still be waiting for answers…our searches all started right here,” recalled Gaines’s mother, Erika Wilson, as she spoke with CBS46 in the parking lot of the former nightclub. 

“We’ve heard horrible stories. He’s been put in Lake Lanier. He’s been put in wells. He’s been put in a wood chipper,” Wilson shared.

What happened to her son when he left the nightclub in the early morning hours of November 2nd, 2007 remains a mystery.

“Why did he miss his brother’s wedding? Why hasn’t he met his niece? Why did he miss his sister’s graduation? Why?,” Wilson questioned.

Every time a body is found in the metro area Wilson wonders if it could be her son.

“I jump on the computer, read everything, see if it says its male female,” Wilson explained. Wilson says will never give up hope that he is still alive unless his body is found.

“Never it’s my son… we’d never stop looking,” Wilson contended.

Years ago, 57-year-old Martin Wilkie was charged with concealing the death of the Gwinnett county teen but the charges were later dropped. Dustin Dylan Glass, a currently a federal inmate, told police he and Wilkie assaulted Gaines before he was shot to death. Glass was never charged.

Wilson hopes that anyone who knows what really happened to her son will end her decade of suffering and endless wondering and finally come forward.

“I truly truly don’t want to do this another 10 years… if he’s gone I want to know,” Wilson cried.

There is a $25,000 reward being offered in this case. If you have information please contact the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office at 770-619-6500 or the Texas Equisearch anonymous line at 281-309-9500.

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