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Woman claims landlord rented her filthy property

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A Forest Park woman says she was tricked into living in filth. After refusing to pay rent, she's caught in an expensive legal battle.

Vanessa Jenkins says she was duped into renting a property that turned out to be downright disgusting.

"You got flies coming out of here," said Jenkins. "It's like a dead body. It's nasty."

Jenkins said when she first visited the home, the property manager promised her that everything would be up to par by the time she moved in to the home. But those guarantees never happened and because Jenkins refused to pay the rent the last two months she is being evicted.

"The water...the way it comes in here it could have easily started a fire," said Jenkins.

CBS46 reporter Kai Beech questioned the Forest Park Department of Planning who inspected the rental property. They discovered it had an "improper sewer system" that is leaking to nearby properties.

"I called the code enforcement," said neighbor Zach Parker. "Code enforcement came out. They went inside of the house and took pictures."

Local lawyer Lester Tate says Jenkins could have a tough time getting her money back. But for Parker, the evidence speaks for itself.

"If you actually have raw sewage that is running onto adjacent properties that clearly would constitute a nuisance under Georgia law," said Tate.

Unable to afford an attorney, Jenkins plans on taking her fight to the next Forest Park city council meeting.

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