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Teen charged with battery after punching student in face in locker room

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A Gwinnett County high school student is assaulted in her high school locker room and the entire act was caught on video.

The victim, 14, in the video was sitting on a bench inside Archer High School when she was punched by another student, 15. In the video, you can hear the girl who is standing ask the victim if she thinks she could beat her up. The victim responds by saying "I don't know, I wouldn't want to."

You can also hear the person who is recording the video make fun of the victim's shoes, calling them Walmart shoes. She even zooms the camera into her shoes in order to get a better shot.

Moments later, the girl standing punches the victim in the face. The victim screams and is consoled by a group of girls.

A representative from the Gwinnett County School District tells CBS46 they are getting inundated with calls from all over with people reaching out to help the victim, offer to buy her new shoes, and other things to make her feel better.

The student was charged with battery and the victim's eye was injured according to an incident report.

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