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Standing on Georgia highways can have fatal consequences

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Georgia's highways can be dangerous for drivers, but even more so for people who are standing on interstates, sometimes with fatal consequences.

Alfreda Stukes knows first-hand the pain of losing a loved one in such a tragic way. Her son, 23-year-old Joshua Stukes, was hit and killed on I-75 in March 2016. He was in an accident and got out of his car to check on the other driver when he was hit and killed.

Police were already on scene with flashing lights going. She says the driver that hit her son didn't follow the Georgia move-over law.

"If you see an emergency vehicle's lights flashing, you must move over," says Stukes. "It's a requirement to move over. If you cannot move over, you must slow down and also be prepared to stop if need be."

That is a state law and she says the driver in her son's case was given a fine for his death. Stukes says although she misses her son, she has to forgive that driver.

"Don't let hate eat you up because you know you still have a purpose here on God's earth," says Stukes.

As we come towards the holiday season, she gives this plea to all drivers.

"Slow down. Slow down. Don't take someone's life just because you're rushing to get to a particular destination, or not following the Georgia move-over law," says Stukes.

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