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Trump Wall Update

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Joyce Oscar

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If you are a supporter of President Trump’s Border Wall here is something to give thanks for this Holiday Season, it may happen.  Eight border wall prototypes have been set up in San Diego.  

All are now undergoing rigorous testing to make sure no one can get around them.  These prototypes stand 30 by 30 feet tall.  Each of the walls extends six feet below the ground and are made of various materials.  One of the prototypes is from an Israeli company, the rest are from companies across the United States. 

Some are made of concrete, others of reinforced metal and at least two have bars at the bottom so border patrol agents can see who is approaching the wall. One of the prototypes even has spikes on top. 

The prototypes alone cost between 2.4 and 4 million dollars. If Congress moves forward with the wall project, it will cost an estimated 21.6 billion dollars and take up to 3 years to build. 

Border Patrol agents are saying this new, upgraded wall will make their jobs much more efficient, safer and effective. 

Also, worth noting, protests at the site during this testing phase have been minimal. However, it does not mean there hasn’t been concern over possible pushback from those who are against building a wall on our southern border. 

One company wants protection from the Attorney General’s office to prevent states and surrounding areas from denying contracts or divesting from companies working to construct the wall.  Some companies even want guarantees local authorities will provide reasonable security for their employees and equipment on the job sites. 

With so many sanctuary cities along the border and local authorities in these areas being told not to cooperate with federal officials these are real concerns for contractors worried about sabotage.  Hopefully, local law enforcement can rise above the squabbling and follow their fundamental sworn oath to keep the peace.
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