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Off-duty firefighter saves man's life

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Firefighters are trained to risk their lives to save the lives of others. And for some, that holds true even when they're off-duty.

Walter Holston,  50, says he's proof that miracles happen. He was at Ultimate Fitness Gym in Fayetteville when he started to feel a little off. He went outside for some air and sat down on a bench when he knew something was wrong.

Chris Nations, a Quartermaster for Fayette County Fire, was leaving the gym when Holston got his attention. Nations ran back into the gym  to get Nic Gilmer,

a Fayette County Firefighter who was also there working out.

Gilmer says Holston then started to seizure. Gilmer moved him to the ground and started CPR. While Gilmer was performing CPR Holston says he went to


When paramedics showed up, Holston was hooked up to a defibrillator - and shocked a total of six times. He was brought back to life in the hospital where

doctors gave him a nickname "Miracle Man."

Holston learned he had been living with a heart defect, One he's apparently had since birth. Doctors were able to fix the problem and Holston is as healthy as ever.

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