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Police: Man arrested after repeatedly ramming patrol cars

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(Source: Hapeville Police Department) (Source: Hapeville Police Department)

Police say a man was arrested after he repeatedly rammed patrol cars in Hapeville and fought with officers. 

The incident occurred Monday after a driver flagged down a police officer at the Hapeville Police Station to report an unoccupied vehicle on a nearby road with its doors open.

According to the incident report, the officer drove to the vehicle in his patrol car, which is when a man came from the woods and rested on the hood of the car. The officer says after rolling his window down to ask if everything was OK, the man said everything was OK, closed the door and said he didn't need police assistance.

The officer then drove by and turned around to get the car's tag number, according to the report. As another officer was approaching from the opposite direction, police say the man stumbled and fell against the door of the car before crawling into the driver's seat.

The second officer activated his blue lights, which is when the man is accused of pushing the gas pedal and crashing into the second officer's patrol car. At this point, the man then backed up, hit the original officer's patrol car, then hit the other patrol car a second time.

According to the report, an officer used his baton to smash multiple windows, reporting that the man was staring with "a 1,000 yard stare and then turned to get out the vehicle."

The officer dropped the baton and pulled a pistol, demanding that the man get to the ground. After a struggle with both officers, the man was eventually handcuffed, treated by EMS at the scene, taken to the hospital and ultimately to jail.

He was identified as Dwight Nash.

In the report, officers say Nash said, "he was a 21-year Army Veteran that suffers from PTSD so we couldn't do sh** to him and that he was going to kill every single officer, and started calling officers by their names and telling them that he would be coming back to kill them."

Nash was charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer; two counts of simple battery on LEO; two counts of felony obstruction of LEO; and two counts of felony interference with government property.

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