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Hit list with names of black students left on bathroom wall at high school

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Tensions were high at Commerce High School in Jackson County after someone wrote a hit list with names of black students on a bathroom wall.

Commerce police are offering $500 to anyone who can identify the student who wrote the hate-filled graffiti on the bathroom wall, which included a list of student names under the heading "[N-word’s] to eliminate."

The principal immediately ordered the bathroom closed and started investigating. So far, no student has been identified, which is troubling for Tajah Dorsey, who was on the hit list.

"They said eliminate, so it made me feel like my life is in danger," says Dorsey. 

She says it was a rough day at school because some students were writing off the so-called hit list as a prank.

"People bring it up and it was just like, 'Oh, it's not that serious.' Well, it is that serious because my life has been put in danger and other people's have been threatened to be put in danger, so therefore I didn’t feel safe," says Dorsey. 

Dorsey's mom says she found out about the graffiti Wednesday when she picked her daughter up from school.

"I just felt like they should have called us yesterday and let us know what was going on," she says. 

Superintendent Joy Tolbert says parents of all the students on this list were notified Thursday morning, and the school is taking the matter seriously.

Dorsey's mom says she hopes the culprit is quickly identified so her daughter can feel safe at school again.

Once the student behind the graffiti is identified, we are told they will face a 10 day out-of-school suspension and possibly criminal charges.

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