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District relaxes dress code after 10 year-old's online petition

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For years, leggings have been a wardrobe staple for girls, but in Atlanta public schools, leggings weren't allowed because the district's dress code deemed them a distraction. 

A fifth-grade student at Springdale Park Elementary in Atlanta decided to challenge the rule. Falyn Handley, 10, started an online petition asking the school district to change its policy and remove the word 'distracting' when talking about tight-fitting clothing.

Handley and her friends felt it was unfair to girls that leggings -- or jeggings, jeans that are stretchy like leggings -- were considered a distraction. They asked for the change in schools where uniforms are not required.

Their efforts paid off.

They got more than 1,300 signatures on the petition, and Monday, school board members agreed to remove the word "distraction." Some students addressed the board, and they were clearly pleased.

"Thank you for removing "distraction," said Claire Shields, a fifth-grader at Springdale Elementary. "It is empowering for me that this word is gone. I think girls should be able to wear leggings and jeggings because they just want to be comfy." 

"Jeggings and leggings should be allowed because they're comfortable and affordable and can be good for sports," said another girl.

The revised policy still requires clothing to be modest and of appropriate length and fit. It's up to each school as to how to enforce the policy. The change will take effect in the next school year.

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