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Clayton County neighborhood hasn't received mail in months

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The people of one neighborhood near Jonesboro have two choices: buy a P.O. box to get their mail in-person, or have it returned to sender.

Residents of the Villas by the Lake told CBS46 their mail stopped coming in October, but there was no official notice.

It gradually dawned on them as, day after day, their mailboxes seemed to always be empty.

It's a more than six mile drive from the apartments to the post office in downtown Jonesboro.

CBS46 asked USPS officials why they've been skipping the neighborhood, and they say it's because there are no locks on the community mailboxes.

You may be wondering, how is it that mail can be delivered to an individual house with no mailbox locking requirement, but the rules are different for apartments?

It's a lot easier to spot a person who doesn't belong in someone's personal mailbox, than to spot someone at a mailbox area shared by hundreds of people.  

The risk of mass mail theft is also very high when an entire panel of mailbox doors can be opened with one pull, as was the case at these apartments.

Today, there are no mailboxes at the apartments at all, because the property manager is in the process of replacing them.

However, residents say the job is way behind schedule.

We'll be checking up on the apartment managers' progress to see if they make good on their promise.

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