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The man behind mayoral candidate Peter Aman's campaign

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If politics were football Peter Aman would be Rudy, the walk-on who beat the odds in a field of candidates loaded with talent.

But Aman didn’t get there alone.

He had a really good coach named Fred Hicks.

“We always believed that he had the opportunity and the ability to do quite well to make the runoff it was not a token run, we ran to win,” said Hicks.

He was Aman’s campaign manager, a political strategist with a knack for winning, and being a team player.

“At the end of the day it’s not my name that’s on the yard sign or my name that’s on the ballot you might see or feel my work, but it’s the candidate’s name out there and he was a great one and we had a real opportunity to do something special.”

He said Atlanta’s shifting demographics would have favored Aman in the runoff though he fell short of making it.

“In the future if you have someone, a white candidate who is an unquestioned Democrat who has a strong following, which we didn’t have when we started this race then you can certainly see a white mayor elected. And I think with this election we have now seven white city council members more than we’ve has in a long time, and so the city is transitioning,” said Hicks.

The glut of candidates in the Mayor’s Race hurt everyone in the race, but Hicks said that’s especially true for those who thought they had it in the bag.

“Look this election was filled with people who felt it was their birthright to some extent and because it was their birthright or so they felt, they didn’t do the things they needed to do and that was reflected in the polls and the results at the end of the day.”

Hicks said when it comes to demographics black voters have shown that they are willing to vote for white candidates and vice versa.

He believes Norwood’s ambiguity about party affiliation cost her many of the votes she needed to win.

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