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Questions over why KSU prez will be paid after departure

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Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens (via Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens (via

In his resignation letter to students, outgoing KSU president Sam Olens said, "I have decided that new leadership will be required for KSU..."

Or---it was decided for him. We will never really know. But what we now know; the state agreed to give him something to go quietly.

The state plans to pay out his one year contract through June of this year. Even though Olens won't work past February 15th.

Digging deeper, we obtained Olens' employment agreement, and did some math.

Salary and bonuses combined, he is being paid $435,832.

So give or take, the four remaining months he is to be paid, thats nearly $150k to sit at home and do nothing, while the school is out a leader.

Would your boss give you that if you resigned---voluntarily?

There is a stipulation that says should Olens find a new job he won't continue to be paid. And sources say he may be close to landing something.

But this certainly sheds light into how the state is handling his departure and who's decision it ultimately likely was to sever ties.

Olens has refused multiple requests for an interview.

Meanwhile, the Board of Regents is to meet in days, to discuss the process of hiring a new president.