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Several items on agenda as Georgia's legislative session begins Monday

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The theme at the Georgia State Capitol this legislative session is moving things forward, not getting stuck in the past. The topic that recently unleashed a movement nationwide has made its way to the forefront at the Gold Dome, the state's sexual harassment policy.

Thursday, members of the first sub-committee discussed what may need updating or revising. Chairwoman Jan Jones said some anti-harassment policies aren't all in the same place.

"I wasn't aware of most of them. Probably your average or member isn't either," said Jones.

Another hot topic, Confederate monuments, likely won't get an overhaul when it comes to allowing local control over what happens with them.

"To let different communities pick and choose the history of the state and what we're going to memorialize, to me, seems divisive," says Speaker David Ralston of Blue Ridge.

On the medical marijuana front, while we can expect to see a bill aiming to allow for growing medical cannabis oil in the state, that movement may have seen its biggest progress in the past.

"At some point, we have to confront the reality that, as long as federal law is what federal law is, there's only so far that we can go," continued Ralston.

Ralston seems to want to put the religious liberty debate in the rear-view mirror, especially when it may threaten Georgia's economic engine. He says his short list includes balancing the budget, passing a clean adoption bill and broadband for rural communities.

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