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Promise Kept

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Joyce Oscar Joyce Oscar

When President Donald Trump made the announcement the U.S. Embassy would be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, finally recognizing Jerusalem as the capital, the range of world emotions ran the gamut between pure joy to outrage and fear. As a person of faith, one can’t help but take in the fact this announcement comes during the holiday season.

Multiple U.S. presidents promised to do it, Clinton, Bush and Obama. All mired for decades in the hope of delivering a peace agreement and fearing to upset the Palestinians who have been making their own false promises for decades.   

There is something empowering about a promise kept. It is easy to lose faith in people who continually break promises and many times it takes an extraordinary amount of courage to keep a promise. It appears this is one of those cases. Days after President Trump’s announcement, other nations, including the Philippines are said to be considering moving embassies to Jerusalem.

History tells us there has been an uninterrupted Jewish presence in the city for the past 3-thousand years, it is the religious and cultural home of the Jewish people.  The center of the Israeli government has been Jerusalem for seventy years.

The Middle East is a complicated place. Moving the U.S. Embassy is not a new concept what is new is a U.S. President is following through on a campaign promise. No longer will America be held hostage by the threats of Palestinian violence. If Islam is truly a “religion of peace” and the violent actors in the minority then why are so many warning of violence and bloodshed over this announcement?

Say what you will about Trump but this announcement took courage and moral clarity. If the U.S. embassy is moved soon it will be a promise kept, it is historical and the right thing to do.