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Helmet camera records firefighters catching children trapped on balcony during fire

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Fire crews in DeKalb County are investigating what caused a massive fire at the Avondale Forest Apartments that displaced dozens of families.

The two alarm fire in Decatur damaged more than twenty units one week ago. 

"We never know from shift to shift what we're going to end up with so it pays for us to be ready," said Eric Jackson with Dekalb County Fire.

Captain Eric Jackson said the blaze jumped the fire wall in one of the buildings and nearly took the lives of one family trapped on the third floor. A helmet camera captured the heroic rescue and shows firefighters tossing and catching children that were trapped on a balcony.

"Initially their first thought is to put water on the fire that is until they hear screams coming from the balcony," said Jackson.

Jackson said firefighters instinctively made the decision to throw the children to safety and it is not something they are even trained to do.

"We don't go down to the fire academy and during our training utilize make shift mannequins and toss them out of a window at will just to see if our firefighters are going to make the catch," said Jackson. "We're a brotherhood, we're a sisterhood and so we depend on each other and a lot of times that dependency comes at an instant so we have to be ready, we have to be able and willing enough to accept what's coming at us."

One of the firefighters involved in the rescue was injured, but is recovering. as far as the helmet camera, it's not common. it's something they're testing out which could help with training.

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