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Forger impersonates city of Marietta by sending fake checks from city's real bank account

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one of the fake checks one of the fake checks

Marietta city officials are warning the public there are checks circulating that look just like ones the city uses, except they're fake.

The checks have the same bank account numbers and the official signatures are an exact match.

Banks alerted the city about suspicious activity when they noticed the numbers in the corner of some checks appeared to be out of sync with other checks the city legitimately wrote.

Marietta spokesperson, Lindsey Wiles says it's not like Robin Hood is trying to give away the city's money. The forger's end game is to steal from the people who get these checks in the mail.

In one example, the victim got a check for just under $3,000, and right afterward, the impersonator claimed the city meant to send an amount a few hundred dollars less than that, and asked if the victim would please mail back the difference.

It's a slightly different take on the same old scam, where the bad guy hopes you send him the smaller amount before you realize the bigger amount isn't really there.

City officials believe the check forger does not have any special connection to Marietta. The criminal possibly chose to impersonate the city because they randomly came across one of its real checks, and had the right tools to make a replica.

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