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Renters complain trash hasn't been collected in months

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Renters in a west Atlanta apartment complex say their trash has continued to pile up for months. CBS46 stepped in and we got results after we started making calls.

Dirty diapers, totting meat, and even an abandoned SUV are just a few of the things you'll find at the Hollywood Shawnee Apartments on Gun Club Road in northwest Atlanta.

"Make me feel like I need to move," said resident Marilynn Gay. "I just need to get out because it's bad for my health."

Marilynn Gay says the trash at the complex hasn't been picked up in months.  

"This is crazy. It's a disgrace. They don't clean up," said Gay. "Where's the trash man. Where's the trash people?"

CBS46 reporter Kai Beech went to the leasing office to get answers to those questions. They had a sign posted on the door saying they were closed until mid January. He called the emergency number but is still waiting to hear back. Surprisingly, we found the trashed had been picked up when we returned to the complex just a few hours later.

"I had called them in the past. but they don't answer the phones," said Gay.

Folks living in the complex say it's more than just the trash and the stench that's concerning them. They say every single night when the sun goes down dozens of rats come out of an abandoned piece of furniture on the lot.

"You got rats coming out the sofa. That sofa been here since I moved here in July," said Teaiara Kelly.

Teaiara Kelly is concerned the trash overflowing from the dumpsters will impact her family's health. 

"Everybody who stays out here has kids. Period. kids come out here and play. we don't want them going over there by that trash can," said Kelly.

Neighbors here are now keeping closer eyes on this growing garbage problem and still looking for answers for when this mess will finally be cleaned up. 

Stay tuned to CBS46 as we continue to update if the trash will regularly be picked up.

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