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Illegal junkyard owner's conflict with neighborhood leads to rusted cars in the street

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Junkyard Behind Vol Repairs Junkyard Behind Vol Repairs
credit: Cory Bennett credit: Cory Bennett

Sitting at the edge of Medlock Park, a quiet, and otherwise ordinary DeKalb County neighborhood, people say one business is just out of place.

The owner of Vol Repairs insists that his classic car dealership and mechanic service is not junkyard; but whatever you call it, there's a huge lot full of rusted cars in view of the street.

A Dekalb County judge recently told the owner he has to get the cars off his lot because he doesn't have a storage permit.

Now suddenly, neighbors say beat up cars are appearing on the street. One person posted photos of several run down vehicles parked on Larry Lane overnight, directly outside the back gate of the business.

Neighbors said it looked like a passive aggressive move meant to spite those who complained about the eyesore. However, when CBS46 asked the owner about his intentions, he claimed it was all a misunderstanding.

He says cars were on the street waiting for a tow truck to remove them, and there was nothing more to it than that.

All of the cars were gone from the street when our cameras went to check, and no more have appeared outside after we started asking questions.

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